Manual Handling Online Course



Anyone who is involved in lifting, carrying or handling weighty objects in the workplace should receive training on how to do so safely. Injuries caused by incorrect handling can have serious implications for employers, so it’s vital to fulfil Heath and Safety obligations and provide appropriate training and education for employees.


Upon completion of the Manual Handling Online Course course, staff will have an understanding of:

    • What Manual Handling is
    • Manual Handling Regulation
    • Safe Handling
    • Learning Safe Handling Habits
    • Practical Manual Handling Solutions
    • Use of Mechanical Aids


    Online Safety Services provides a simple and straightforward way to complete globally recognised, RoSPA certified courses:

    • For individuals or companies: single or multiple user licenses available (discounts may apply)
    • Designed for convenience: complete online using any internet device at a time to suit you.
    • High quality interactive courses: our vitual tutors are engaging and easy to follow.
    • No time limit: courses take 30-45 minutes to complete. Start, stop and log out at any time.
    • Straightforward assessment: each section ends with 5-6 multiple choice questions.
    • Four attempts to pass: if you do fail, we offer 3 further attempts, included in the price.
    • Immediate results: once you’ve passed, your certificate will be available to you immediately.

Manual Handling Online Course course details

Upon completion of this course, participants should have a good understanding and knowledge of the risks involved with manual handling, including lifting, lowering, carrying, pushing or pulling heavy objects, and how they can practise safe solutions to avoid that risk. Our convenient and easy to use courses can be purchased as single or multiple licenses, ready to complete online at candidates’ convenience. With four chances to pass and immediate results, there’s no better way to ensure your knowledge is at the required level for optimum safety.


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