Working at Height Online Course


Working at height covers all situations where people may be working up ladders, on scaffolding or platforms, or alongside deep trenches. All working at height situations are covered by Health and Safety legislation, and it is vital for anyone who undertakes work at height, or who employs people to do so, to demonstrate understanding of the risks and safety procedures.


Upon completion of the Working at Height Online Course course, staff will have an understanding of:

    • What Work at Height is
    • The Dangers of Working at Height
    • The Work at Height Regulations
    • Summary of Duty Holders’ Responsibilities
    • Employers’ Responsibilities
    • The Hierarchy of Control
    • Avoiding Work at Height Whenever Possible
    • Preventing Risks of Falling
    • Minimising Consequences of Falling
    • Risk Assessments


    Online Safety Services provides a simple and straightforward way to complete globally recognised, RoSPA certified courses:

    • For individuals or companies: single or multiple user licenses available (discounts may apply)
    • Designed for convenience: complete online using any internet device at a time to suit you.
    • High quality interactive courses: our virtual tutors are engaging and easy to follow.
    • No time limit: courses take 30-45 minutes to complete. Start, stop and log out at any time.
    • Straightforward assessment: each section ends with 5-6 multiple choice questions.
    • Four attempts to pass: if you do fail, we offer 3 further attempts, included in the price.
    • Immediate results: once you’ve passed, your certificate will be available to you immediately.



    60 second intro Video

Working at Height Online Course course details

By completing this course online, and by ensuring appropriate employees do the same, employers are fulfilling their obligation to provide appropriate training for those who undertake work at height. Participants will gain an understanding of how to prevent risks, use suitable safety equipment and to minimise the consequences should a person or object fall from height. Our high-quality interactive courses are the most accessible and convenient way to meet UK and EU requirements for training.

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