Carbon Monoxide poisoning exposure

Carbon Monoxide poisoning exposure

A concerned parent, worried about the headaches her 10 year old son was having, led to the discovery of potentially fatal carbon monoxide poisoning caused by a catalogue of failings by contractors.

Morris and Spottiswood were contracted to remove chimneys by a Glasgow housing association. Although this work was then sub-contracted, Morris and Spottiswood failed to provide sufficient direction and supervision to the contractor.

The chimney was demolished and the space behind the fire was filled with debris from the demolition, blocking the flue and stopping all means of ventilation. Hence the carbon monoxide was then forced back into the room every time the gas fire was used. This could have proved fatal at high or prolonged exposure.

The property in question was visited several times by a foreman from Morris and Spottiswood, as part of the contract, but he had accidently recorded that an electric fire was installed when in fact it was a gas fire.

Morris and Spottiswood were fined £60,00 after pleading guilty to breaching section 3(1) of the HSWA 1974 between 22 Spetember 2009 and 20 March 2009.


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