Engineer completes Offshore visit

Engineer completes Offshore visit

Another successful round of trining wqs completed in the use of the Opgal EyeCGas leak detection camera. This time it was offshore at Bleo Holm one of Talisman's offshore installations. The camera is IR and is the ONLY one that carries the ATEX certification. Talisman chose this camera for the job as it carries the ATEX certification, requires NO maintenance and can beoperated in all environments.

Online Safety are pleased to work with Talisman on this project and are able to offer the hire, sales and training with this product Globally.

The Opgal EyeCGas camera offers a more secure and reliable method of leak detection than traditional gas detection products. Unaffected by the weather, temperature or other 3 rd party factors, the camera easily picks out leaks whatever the level of gas produced. So if it is a weld that has a pin hole or a catastrophic failure of a valve then the EyeCGas camera easily prvides the solution.

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